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(1) What is Train-link trams. (2) Table of dedicated services. (3) Bi-Rail transformer definition. (4) Bi-Rail transformer routes.
What is Train-link trams.

As explained elsewhere, this is a project of, where we introduce new tram routes, purposed designed to connect with trains at a railway station.

The idea is, to get people off the slow and crowded trams, and onto faster trains for much of their journey into the city.

This page is focused on listing specific routes for this strategy. The theory behind it is explained on another webpage.

Table of dedicated services.
Railway station
Route NumberOuter Tram terminus locationRoute notesGeneral notesWorks notes
Moreland39North CoburgThe only works requred may be to provide a better interchange at Moreland R/S.
29East CoburgThere would be a number of empty depot runs operating as this route now anyway. Here we can get far better use out of them.
Malvern R/S65East BrightonServices could operate a bit further to the Malvern tram depot, where trams can turnback there at the depot. One option could be to have both routes, however have #65 run to Carneggi rather than East Brighton.
Caulfield R/S66East BrightonAn alturnate idea to #65. Would not be worth operating in addition to #65.
Camberwell76Wattle ParkThis will also enhance the inclusion of the Camberwell shopping strip with people who live along routes #70/71 and #74/75.
Option could be to extend Camberwell end along with existing #72, towards Ivanhoe.
Two sets of curves at Camberwell Junction, one of each pair for each of these two routes.
Some form of turnback facility needs to be done at Camberwell Junction.
74Vermont South
What are Bi-Rail transformer.

As explained elsewhere, this is a project of, where we build a dedicated interchange, with a railway line terminating on one side, and a fan-out of tram routes on the other side.

You have passengers from many trams, exchanging to one single train. The purpose of these tram routes and the train line, is for the exclusive purpose of connecting with each other.

The word Bi-Rail comes from the fact, that both trains and trams, use two rails, and that being the common fact between the two.

Bi-Rail transformers
The railway sectionThe Location The tram section
Branches of whereFrom what lineNotes about railway routeThe LocationLocation notesRoute NumberDestenationNotes
Hawthornvia Camberwell
(Various lines)
Follows a former branch line.Kew There is also an opportunity to run a number of train-link busses which link the Box Hill North and Doncaster areas with this interchange.North Balwyn
Box Hill=====
Royal ParkFollows a former branch line.North Carlton=============