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(A) Introduction to this page (B) Sunshine as a major interchange (C) Newport shuttle platform (D) Standard Gauge platform (E) Third Metro platform
Introduction to this page

This page has a focus on projects of which will benefit regional passengers.

This page is also a summary of the same list of projects. Most of the projects can be seen in detail, if you return to the campaign-directory.

Sunshine as a major interchange

The railway station of Sunshine, MUST become a major junction and interchange for all rail services of which use this station.

All Broad Gauge trains, must use both Footscray and Sunshine as two required stops for all trains of which use the same.

Albury line trains also need to stop here. A platform needs to be built here, for Albury line trains to stop at Sunshine. This is subject of another campaign.

Newport shuttle platform

There is a need, to introduce a cross-suburban service between Sunshine and Newport.

Catering for this, should be very easy. The platform is there, track almost reaches it, just a few rails, sleepers, and fencing and the works shall be done.

Where: Opposite side of the existing platform #4, a section of the Up end (Melbourne end) can be converted to a double sided island platform, more than enough to fit a small suburban train.

Train access:There is already a track, which links directly to the Newport end, and stops just short of where this platform is located.

Standard Gauge platform

A new platform, needs to be built, for the use of existing standard gauge trains, such as V/Line services to Albury, as well as the XPT to Sydney.

The standard gauge needs to be moved over a little bit, to enable a new Metro track at the existing platform.

A loop track, for the standard guage, is needed for standard gauge trains to use its platform. This can enable trains to terminate here, and/or stay for a moment without the risk of delaying through traffic.

Third Metro platform

The existing platform #1, needs to be turned into an island platform, with the existing platform being used for short-run Metro trains, of which may need to terminate there in the future.

The Standard Gauge, needs to be moved across a little bit, to make way for the new Metro track.