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(1) Theory behind the stage (2) Kew railway (3) The trams (4) The advantages

The proposal is to establish a transport interchange, built on the existing land being used by a VicRoads head office, of which in turn was once the Kew railway line.

Kew railway

One component is to rebuild along the former Kew railway, to the site of the former Kew railway station, which in turn shall become the Kew Interchange.

Train services would share the Alamein line into the city. Off peak, trains should stop all stations, such as Hawthorn for extra customers.


The primary objective is to extend tracks from the Kew Junction, to a tram terminus within the Kew Junction.

As part of this, there needs to be two tram routes, of which operate out to the respective terminuses of routes #48 and #109. I propose the numbers of #47 to North Balwyn and #41 to Box Hill.

An added component can be, a short extention of the current route #16, to the Kew Interchange making it three tram routes terminating here.

The advantages