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(A) Introduction to this page (B) Footscray as a major interchange (C) Tram interchange (D) Bus interchange (E) Standard gauge platform
Introduction to this page

This page has a focus on projects of which will benefit regional passengers.

This page is also a summary of the same list of projects. Most of the projects can be seen in detail, if you return to the campaign-directory.

Footscray as a major interchange

While a lot of focus has gone into Footscray as a major transport interchange, with a great focus on connectability with the Metro tunnel project of which is currently under construction.

A lot more can be done, to make it even better, to change with much more than just the trains.

Tram interchange

At the least, the existing tram terminus must be extended to across the road, and to a new terminus or bus stop area, closer to the Footscray railway station.

As part of other campaigns, I am seeking a number of through routes to run through this location. But for now, extending the #82 this little bit, would be of a great benefit.

Bus interchange

The hope is to build a bus stop and terminal, elevated above the existing railway station platforms.

Standard Gauge platform

I want to see, if it is at all possible to put in a new platform, on the Standard Gauge route.

This may be doable, with a new track, in a new tunnel, running alongside the existing historic tunnel.