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Opening objectives

As for the existing route #70, that may in fact become an off peak service only, or be removed as the whole of the existing #70, would be well catered for by the new #71 and #73.

Outer end, unique to #71
Outer end, unique to #74
Routes #71 and #74
Route #71
Route #74 at the city end
Points of interest along route #71 & #74
The venueThe TramNotes
NameTypeHoursRelative to others
Fountain CourtRetirement home
Mount Scopus Memorial CollegeEducational
Deakin University
- Burwood campus
EducationalVarious over each weekday
Wattle ParkEducationalVarious over each weekday
Highfield ParkLocal recreational
Siena CollegeEducational
Camberwell High School
Camberwell East Tennis
Alamein railwayTransport connection
Skate and BMX park
Fritsch Hoizer Park
Melbourne Tramway museum
St James Park
Melbourne Girls School
Epworth Hospital
Jolimont R/S
Fitzroy Gardens
Burnley Oval
Swan Street
Richmond R/S
Melbourne Park Tennis

UNIQUE CONNECTIONS - for routes #71 & #74

Currently, there is no tram service whatsoever servicing these locations.

There are no unique connections for

ENHANCED CONNECTIONS - for route #71 & #74

Inner capacity boost for #75

Route #75, being such a long route, is almost a waste of resources on the outer end, while this changes somewhat once it gets to Camberwell, where capacity is often outstretched.

Both #71 and #74, will both go a long way in the boosting of capacity to the #75 route, exactly where route #75 needs it the most.

Route #74, does that between Warrigal road and Riversdale road, by taking City bound passengers via Swan Street.

Route #71, does the same, by overlaping between Riversdale road and the city via Bridge road.

These should enable route #75, to in fact run express, from Camberwell Junction to Power road junction to Jollimont R/S on most trips at least.

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