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Opening objectives

The sole main objectives of this route is, to provide well needed wheelchair accessible trams on a route of which shall link a number of very important hospitals, such as the Royal Childrens Hospital.

As of December 2016, there are no low-floor trams on any of the routes of which goes past the RCH. The proposed #58, is meant to have low floor trams on it, however this solution is by no means, good enough.

While I am here, trams on #68, need to be supplied by the Moreland depot. Not from Essondon as is the case of all routes which operate in this area. This is because, the Moreland Depot already has low-floor D2 class trams, of which we seek the use of on route #68.

Route #68

Inbound/Southbound #68
Outbound/Northbound #68
Points of interest along route #68
The venueThe TramNotes
NameTypeHoursRelative to others
Royal Park R/S
State Netball and Hockey Centre
Homepage website Wikipedia
Melbourne Zoo
Royal Park
Royal Childrens Hospital
RCH website
Larwell Hotel
Melbourne University
-Western Precint
Royal Melbourne Hospital
RMH website
Royal Womens Hospital
RWH website
Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Center
Queen Victoria Market

SERVICE VOID filled by route #68

All sections of this #68, are serviced by other tram routes.

ENHANCED CONNECTIONS - As provided by #68

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