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Opening objectives

Route #29, is also featured as part of my 'Train-Link tram routes' project, and in that page, is known as a 'respective pair' type of setup.

Currently, the majority of trams on the current East Coburg route, operate to/from the Moreland depot, so as to change drivers at the depot.

The Moreland tram depot is right next to the Moreland railway station on the Upfiled line, and would be a perfect candidate as a train-link route.

The plan here is, to try out the idea, by just making use of the existing tram services, with no additional services added whatsoever.

Unlike others in my proposed list of train-link trams, this one has the lowest catchment, and is the only one which may not attract a great volume of passengers.

None the less, if the trams need to operate anyway, why not take advantage of this fact.

Route #29

Inbound for 29
Outbound for 29
Points of interest along route #29
The venueThe TramNotes
NameTypeHoursRelative to others
Coburg pine ridge cemetery
    Visiting hours
  • 7:00am to 5:30pm (mid year)
  • 7:00am to 7:30pm (during daylight savings)

Opening hours are seven days a week.

Identical to #1.

De chene reserve coburg
Website Website

Always open

Identical to #1.

Fatah mosque coburg
Homepage Website Wikipedia Website

Identical to #1.

Burns Private hospital
Private hospital

Identical to #6.

SERVICE VOID filled by route #29

All sections of this #29, are serviced by other tram routes, although none of these provide a direct link between Moreland and East Coburg.

Table of enhanced links
Outer pointInner point or areaNotes on this connection
Anywhere along Nicholson StreetMoreland Railway station. Reduce demand on route #1, and fill empty space on the Upfield line train.
Updates and edits to this page

May 2017 : Route #8, has been replaced by route #6. This is to reflect service changes at the time.