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(1) What is this about. (2) Operate alturnate shorts on these. (3) Mixed overlaps.
What is this about

There is a management paradox where you have a management operating a phobia about operating 'short route services' to meet capacity, meanwhile we have a network which is somewhat stretched around inner sections of the network, yet there seems to be surplus capacity on trams in the outer regions of the system.

This campaign is about finding ways to better manage and use the resources. We can add services on the inner sections where trams are always full, and find this extra trams by removing surplus trips to the outer reaches of the same.

Other ways of doing this objective can be seen below.

Operate alturnate shorts

Where all trams currently operate the full length of a tram route on Melbournes longest tram routes, here we want to see every second tram terminate short of the terminus, especially during peak hour.

This strategy shall free up trams, which can then be better used elsewhere on the tram network, where the extra capacity is required.

The idea is, on the city end, to have every second service run to the short route terminus, while only every other one operates the full length of the route.

Classic example is route #75. Crammed within the inner suburbs, but mostly empty in the outer suburbs.

Have every second tram cut short at Burwood, and you will have enough trams to add a second short working to Burwood in each cycle.

Mixed overlaps

Where you have two tram routes which run along adjacent main roads, it can be an advantage to have a third tram route, which services the top half of one of these routes, and the bottom half of the other route.

Operate alturnate shorts
Existing main longIntroduce a new shortNotes
Comon endOuter endRoute numberShort toSpecific location
19City - Elizabeth StreetNorth Coburg18MorelandRailway stationno notes
75City Spencer StreetVermont South74
or 76
BennetswoodElgar Road or
Station Street
no notes
86DocklandsBundoora88Reservoir EastCorner Albert Street / Bolderwood pdeno notes
87La Trobe Universityno notes
112St KildaPreston West#114Preston WorkshopsTurns into the workshops
Make use of existing trackwork
The routeGeneral notes
Route NumberOne endOther endRoute details Capacity notes
58City - Elizabeth streetAscot ValeFlemington Road and Racecourse roadTerminates at the top of Union Road.
84Collins Street West endBundoora#112 out of city, Thornbury hump, #86 out to Bundoora
54 or 68City - Elizabeth streetWest CoburgAs the old #68