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(A) Introduction (B) Split V/Line brands (C) The V/Line Counter-arguements (D) Expand onto ferry services

Branding is everything to a market. Currently, the PTV, have a serious branding issue, and needs to be fixed.

Having a mode based color-code system for respective modes, is a good idea, and is something that works well, if you do it everywhere.

The problem with the existing PTV mode-colors comes when you look at V/Line. Here, the color coding of the modes stops.

Really with V/Line, there ares three types of products each deserving of its own mode-color, and yet all share the same color, purple.

The V/Line counter-arguements

The counter-arguement often expressed in respect to keeping V/Line all purple is, two points.

    The two counter-points are.....
  1. ....many V/Line railways operate with some coach and some train services.
  2. ....many of the V/Line routes, are part train and part road coach. Such as Mt Gambier to Melbourne which is bus to Warnambool and train from there to Melbourne.

My counter to the counter-arguements are, #1, there should be no routes having combined services. With the modern Vlocity, and the future long range V/Locity, there is no excuse in operating a bus in place of a train now days.

As for the second point above, the Warnambool line needs its own inter-city train timetable, with only that train service shown, and the same with the coach service.

With the connecting train matter, you can do exactly as what most suburban bus routes do, where it shows the times of connecting trains.

Lastly if you still need a combined timetable, you can do the table cover in a stiped pattern. The alturnate stripes can be of the respective modes shown in the timetable.

Expand onto ferry services

Why not introduce MyKi onto the likes of the Stoney Point to Cowes ferry?

Then again, that needs to be the focus of another campaign page.