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(A) Introduction (B) Expand MyKi on all V/Line D-cars services (C) Expand onto V/Line reserved seats (D) Into Non-Suburban buses (E) Daily pass. (F) Hourly increments. (G) Operate jointly with other like cards. (H) Disposable one-use tickets.

There is much of which is wrong, and much that is lacking in respect to the MyKi smartcard system.

I do believe that most of this is mostly political, and almost never a technical problem. It is time to get past the political barriers, and get MyKi fully implemented to how it was meant to be, and to how it should be too.

Expand onto V/Line reserved seats

The original MyKi plans where to include all booked seats on V/Line services. My plan is to put that into practice.

This plan has a lower priority to it, compared with the D-cars idea, none the less I seek to have this facet put into operation.

MyKi-money should then be useable to purchase paper-type booking tickets too.

Into Non-Suburban buses

I do not know as to why MyKi tickets can not be used by V/Line buses to Cowes, nor in Echuca town services either. MyKi needs to be valid everywhere.

Minumum expansion would be, on commuter belt bus routes, and those of which are in the same zones as what MyKi currently operates in. That should include Great Ocean Road, South Gippsland, and some others too.

Daily pass

The ability for a person to buy a daily pass. This would help a lot for many people.

Currently, the shortest time-length of MyKi Passes is, for a weekly pass. I feel that, a daily pass would be of great value, and people will use that if/where possible.

Having a pre-purchased daily pass, shall have the advantage of reducing the demand on the MyKi system, as the card reader will not need to calculate the required fares each time there is a touch on or off.

Hourly increments

Replace the current two hour fare with 'hourly increments' of up to four or five hours.

The current daily cap is set at two of the two hour fares, or the same amount as a four hour travel. Under my proposal, we can stay at four hours, or increase the daily cap to five hours.

I am yet to settle on four or five hours as being the 'daily cap' under my plans.

Operate jointly with other like cards

It is crazy how a motorist can get an E-tag from CityLink, and use that E-tag on any toll road in Australia, including on toll roads of which are both in other states, and operated by a totally different toll road operator.

The irony is in respect to public transport smart cards, where the same CAN NOT be said. This is whereby MyKi cards can not be used on the Sydney Opal smartcard network, nor in Adelaide on their version. That needs to change.

It would have been better if each of the states could have gone for a joint Australia wide ticketing system, none the less it is too late for that now. The only option open to us now is for each of the networks to accept cards from the others network.

I do feel that, this would be much more important than the current plans of accepting bank cards. While the Bank card idea is great, accepting other transport cards would be a much great advantage to many people.

Disposable one-use tickets

All of the 'SmartCard' ticketing networks in the world have 'one use, disposable tickets'.

There is no real justification for our system to not have such tickets.

We had masses of one-use disposable tickets created, but where never used, and I blame that on political matters only.