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(A) Introduction (B) Sell VicTrack and VLineNetwork to ARTC (C) Long term for the state (D) For the rail track network. (E) For the railway industry.

The short term benefit for The State of Victoria shall be, a possible sale price of VicTrack to the Federal Government.

Sell VicTrack and VLineNetwork to ARTC

Much like the Victorian Government selling 'The State Bank' to 'The Commonwealth Bank' in the early 1990s. It remained in government control, just 'which government' had changed.

The A.R.T.C. (Australian Rail Track Corporation) is 100% owned by the Australian Federal Government and already has control over a fair bit of the railways in Victoria, since the mid-1990s.

An alternate idea could be similar to how rail safety management has been merged across Australia. This is whereby each state retains the administration of activities within their respective state, although the safety system is officially an Australia wide operation.

We could have something similar with our railway networks.

WHATEVER HAPPENS The Victorian State Government remains 100% in control of their existing trains and their services. V/Line and Metro shall remain as Victorian Government brands and services. These brands become above rail operators, just like everybody else who uses the same railway tracks.

Long term benefit for the state

One of the major advantages is, just how cash-flow rich the Feds seem to be compared to the states. Also, lets not forget just how cash hungry a railway infrastructure network is.

It does seem, that the feds, are in a much better position to fund what the railway network needs.

The Feds often hold back on funding, because it is not their network. However, an ownership change, should see a change in this attitude.

The conclusion to this. The state lets go of a major cash drain. While the rail track network remains in Government/Public hands. The cash saved, can go elsewhere, and to benefit other areas of the state.

Benefits for the rail track network

Much better funding, and therefore a much better railway network at the same time.

The Commonwelath Government, has a much better cashflow than what the States have. Constantly, all of the states are campaigning at the Feds, for more funds to run their states with.

There can be no doubt whatsoever that, railways need that greater cashflow, and shall benefit from being connected to that greater cashflow of which the Commonwealth Government has.

For the railway industry

To have one single port of call for a list of their access requirements, means life shall be a lot easier for rail operators who seek to use the same.

The best thing for train owners/operators is, it creates a One stop shop. One set of access agreements, one contact to arrange a train movement.

This means, for operators like Pacific National and QUBE, a reduction in red tape and comliance costs for those organisations.