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(A) Objective is here (B) Cross-town Glen Waverly and other line
Objective here is

Very simple, create a limited quantity of cross-town train services, making use of existing train movements, of where the trains operate empty.

These empty movements, run from Flinders Street, to a depot or storage yard, located in suburbs such as Newport and Flemington.

Cross-town Glen Waverly and other lines

What is to happen here : Many peak hour trains of which operate on the Glen Waverly line, will take passengers across town, to the likes of Newport and other locations.

What the customer shall see : Passengers who travel from points along the Glen Waverly line, with the other point being somewhere towards Newport, will not need to change trains at Flinders Street.

Almost zero costs because : All of the services operate now anyway. Currently the trains are operating 'empty' between Flinders Street and to the likes of Newport and the Racecourse.

This plan does not advocate any new services, although this can happen later.

MY TIPS : Trains must be advertised for the true destination for the whole journey. Newport MUST be shown on the train, and all stations from Glen Waverly inwards.