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(A) Opening statement (B) Quick start-up try. (C) Shuttle platform at Sunshine (D) Ideal services (E) Geelong - Newport - Sunshine (F) What it does
Opening statement

The objective, is to start with a trail service, making use of mostly existing infrastructure, and use diesel powered rolling stock for the same trail.

The aim, is to see if it is worth the cost of electrification some time in the near future.

The trail service, can take many forms, and change in form when we change from diesel to electric traction too.

Trails for now

A trial service can now be set up, and would be quick and easy to do.

All you need is, a train made up of two Sprinter DRCs, of which are becoming spare with the deliveries of VLocity DMUs.

One trainset, going back and forth between Sunshine and Newport, non-stop, would be an ideal means to try out this route.

Shuttle platform at Sunshine

The following, is from my campaign for upgrading Sunshine.

Catering for this, should be very easy. The platform is there, track almost reaches it, just a few rails, sleepers, and fencing and the works shall be done.

Where: Opposite side of the existing platform #4, a section of the Up end (Melbourne end) can be converted to a double sided island platform, more than enough to fit a small suburban train.

Train access:There is already a track, which links directly to the Newport end, and stops just short of where this platform is located.

Ideal services

The hope is to build a bus stop and terminal, elevated above the existing railway station platforms.

Geelong - Newport - Sunshine

While we are here, we need to try out, a service operating between Geelong and Sunshine, via Newport.

What it does

In all of its forms, and all of its route functions, it provides an important and direct link between Newport and Sunshine.

Furthermore, it can in the future include a new station at Brooklyn, in turn, providing a rail service to this booming Melbourne suburb.