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(1) The new standard of bus (2) Standards I urge (3) O-Bahn wheels (4) SmartBus internal technology (5) SmartBus bus stop technology
The new standard of bus

It is time, to lift the standard of all buses in the PTV fleet, to a higher standard, and to a bus of which can do more too.

Standard of the bus

The standard of the bus shall be at least up to what is found within a PTV SmartBus.

O-Bahn wheels

One feature to be required with all buses.

O-Bahn Tracks are not the primary focus of this feature.

I do not currently have any proposed O-Bahn routes, although they may happen along the middle of selected freeways, and may be built in place of bus only lanes at some locations.

General safety is the short term aim of these wheels. The aim is to fit the likes of bridges and tunnels with O-Bahn busway type rails to ensure the safety of the bus while it crosses such a bridge or through the tunnel.

The enhanced safety is sure to be seen as a positive on the Westgate brige. Build guide wheels on the outer edge, and be sure that a bus can not be driven off and over the edge of such a large bridge.

SmartBus internal technology

I believe that the internal technology, that is, the next stop announcements, as is the standard with SmartBuses, needs to be standard across all buses on all PTV bus routes.

Safety enhancement can not be underestimated. Passengers can refer to this sign, rather than pester the bus driver for informaiton. A distracted bus driver, can be rather dangerous.

SmartBus Bus stop technology

The next bus passenger information displays as shown at various SmartBus bus stops, need to be rolled out across the network.

I support the orange LED displays, as having great visibility. The smaller LCD displays, can not be read.