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(A) Introduction (B) My Pseudo-Partisan statement (C) Focus of what I want done (D) Types of project complexities (E) Overlap with other campaign issues and matters. (F) In respect to this election. (G) Table explanation.

This is a campaign, to get improvements to the general public transport scene in Victoria, and to target state Labor members of Victorian Parliament, of which are at great risk of loosing their seats during the 2018 Victorian state Government.

The matters I seek to campaign for include, a list of improvements to public transport, of which I feel need to be done, and can be done quickly too.

The members want to be voted back in, and I want certain changes done to the public transport system. There is a chance for a win-win here for both sides here.

Focus of what I want done

This is a campaign, in which I seek and hope for, selected upgrades to public transport in the state of Victoria. Each of these projects are small items, of which are none the less very important to the health of the system and its users.

There is a list of category types, where each category specifies a focus on how quick or easy the same project should be to implement.

The greatest advantage in respect to projects found within is, how quick they can be put into practice, how low cost they are to fund, and all at the same time, deliver great advantages to the network.

Types of project complexities

Need I also add, this campaign focuses only on projects of which are located within the state of Victoria, AND, are a state matter too.

Overlap with my other campaigns

Many of the matters raised within this campaign, are the same matters I have raised previously. Either in other targeted campaigns, or just a matter of which I am keen to see happen.

This campaign has a limited lifespan, where the matters I fear may linger for much longer. Therefore I can not justify redoing all of these webpages for what is only months at the most, only to be reheaded again very soon.

My election prediction

Many of my project ideas, I see as true election winners.

The Andrews Government, is at a great negative risk, thanks to law and order, and the perception as held by the general public, has the Andrews Government as being 'On The Nose' of vast swathes of the Victorian voting public.

I, with my public transport knowledge base, am certain, that my proposals are going to be great vote winners with many people in Victoria. Can be enough to make a great difference to the election impact/results in 2018.

Table Columns.

Free Impressions : A combination of, getting better value of existing money,