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(1) The dead running waste (2) Use it, not cut it (3) May include ad-hoc movements? (4) Depot to Depot operation (5) Trains can run express
The dead-running waste.

The PTV, across all transport modes, has a knack of dead loss operations, commonly known as dead-running, as an item of rolling stock such as a bus, or a train, moves around the system without taking passengers.

There is quite a lot of this, and it gets worse. Much of it, happens where and when public transport is lacking and needed.

Use it, not cut it

This campaign, is against the removal of any dead-running service. We are about making use of each dead-running movement, and turning it into a public transport improvement.

May include ad-hoc movements?

This shall not require ad-hoc movements, or, last minute balancing movements.

Trains can run express?

How often, do I see non-passenger movements running express late at night, through my home station of Narre Warren, from Pakenham to the sidings at Dandenong and Westall.

These are one of the best examples of where, we have some need of extra/new services, and would be very handy to have these run in service.

These trains can run express Pakenham to Dandenong, and again to Westall for those movements, on perhaps every second service. Stop all stations on the other trips.